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Hi. My name Nikita Karchevskyi.
It’s been five years since I’ve been traveling around the world working on creating visual-content for many of my clients and sharing It with rapidly growing of 1000+ auditory.
I have a working experience with more than 15 countries in my portfolio, including continents of USA and China, Dominican Republic and other Scandinavian and European countries. Currently I’m cooperating with many global and local magazines like ELLE Norge, L’Officiel, Playboy and also few big companies like Mercedes Benz, MAN SE, Herbalife, AB InBev Efes.
I’m also shooting for local and globally known shows and stars as Voice of Ukraine, Dzidzo, Max Barskih and many other's.
Wedding cinematic filmmaking is another part of my shooting career that goes hand by hand with my knowledge and experience in pro retouching and my own style post production.
Each shooting for me is a unique event for which I’ve always carefully prepared, taking into account all the subtleties of organization and conduct, as well as your wishes and that’s why I’ve invested in all of the best technical equipment such as Sony, RED, Black Magic, DJI for shooting a full-fledged media product.


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